Home with a metal roof.

How Your Roof Fits into the Style of your Home

When driving through a neighborhood, what's the first thing that you notice about the homes? Is it the roof? Probably not. For most people, it's the landscaping, the house's color, maybe the upkeep of the exterior, but rarely the roof. That's because the type of roof has been carefully selected to match the rest of the home instead of making it jump out at you.

It's important whether you're building a new home from scratch or replacing the roof you used to have, that you pay attention to the style of your home as well as the color when choosing the right roof.

Below, we'll discuss some common home styles and the perfect roofs for them.


Roofing materials/style: Flat Roof

There is something so striking about a contemporary home. Maybe it's the color palette, the clean lines, or the abundance of windows in the design, but they will almost always catch your eye. A significant factor in their eye-catching appeal is the roofline. Instead of having a peaked roof, like most other homes, a lot of contemporary homes have a flat roof.

This flat roof can be made up of a variety of materials including:

  • Modified Bitumen Roof

  • Built-Up Roof (BUR)

  • Rubber Membrane Roof


Roofing materials/style: Clay tiles

Mediterranean style homes often have a warm and inviting feel to them, and this feeling is created by both the structure of the house and the color palettes that are often associated with the style. Because of this, it would make sense that a Mediterranean style home wouldn't share the same roofing material as the contemporary home or even the modern farmhouse, which we'll get to later. Instead, you'll often find these homes with warm-colored clay tiles, usually in the terracotta range.

Additionally, a lot of Mediterranean style homes have arched entryways on the exterior and arched hallways throughout the interior of the home. This adds to the soft and warm feel of the Mediterranean style.

Modern Farmhouse

Roofing materials/style: Grey asphalt or metal roof

(photo credit to HOMISHOME Home Design Inspirations)

If there is one style of home that is trending above all of the others on Pinterest, it's the modern farmhouse style. This type of home reflects the warmth and coziness of a farmhouse structure and theme, with the pop of modern color schemes and lines. They're a personal favorite of ours as well as the rest of the country right now. So, what roof style best matches this type of home? Well, you have options.

The less expensive and more traditional route would be dark grey or black asphalt shingles. Depending on the size of your roof, this could cost you between $5,000 and $10,000. Does this seem like a broad range? Well, it accounts for a variety of details such as the size of your home, how many stories your home is, the type of shingle you select, and more.

Another option for your modern farmhouse roof would be metal roofing. Metal roofing requires a much greater investment, but it pays off big time in the long run in terms of maintenance and energy savings.

At SEI Roofing, we have experience installing a wide variety of roofs on various types of homes. Our installers are experts in their field and can guide you in making the right decision for your particular house. To learn more about your roofing options, meet our team and understand our company values, visit our website, or contact us by phone at (972) 440-1645.