painter painting trim on a home


Your home: It’s where you’ll spend most of your life. After all, that’s where your bed is, where your food is, where your most favorite and most used possessions are: television, computers, recliner, that sort of thing.

Because you’ll spend so much time in your home, shouldn’t you be sure that you are making sure that your home is a beautiful place to spend that time in? We certainly think so.

And a great way to make your home the most beautiful place in your life is to provide it with a quality paint job! Interior or exterior, a new paint job will prove to be just the thing to make your home the most beautiful place in your life!

But are aesthetics the ONLY thing that a new coat of paint can offer your home? Should you bother shelling out the money and investing the time just for something pretty to look at?

Perhaps you shouldn’t. But that’s okay because a fresh interior or exterior coat of paint indeed WILL provide more benefits than just simple aesthetics.

If you are not sure just what the benefits of painting your home are, don’t fret. With our quick, handy guide, we can elucidate you about the benefits that new interior and exterior painting can provide your home! Just read on to learn of all the reasons you might consider calling for a professional Dallas painter!

Interior Painting

You’ll spend much of your time looking at the same four walls in your home -- so they should certainly be beautiful walls to look at!

More than that, though, those walls should help to keep you and your family safe and well.

But just HOW can WALLS of all things do ANYTHING to affect your health one way or another?

Well, the answer has less to do with your walls and more to do with your home’s indoor air quality. Many things get into the air that circulates throughout your home, and those things can often make your air unhealthy to breathe: dirt, dander, mold spores, and the like.

You can, of course, get those harmful particulates gone with indoor air cleaning and filtration systems and the like. But there’s one thing those systems can’t easily address: your walls.

Over time, all those nasty, harmful particulates can adhere to your wall -- and stubbornly so! And their presence can adversely affect your health as you breathe in contaminated air throughout a large portion of your life.

To avoid this sickening problem, just get a fresh coat of paint. While you might find it to be a somewhat monumental task to wash every inch of your home’s walls, you’ll find it much easier (and just as effective!) to go ahead and get a new interior coat of paint that’ll brighten up your home while sealing away the years of dirt buildup!

Exterior Painting

Though you’ll probably look at the outside of your home far less than you will the inside, it is still imperative that you maintain a beautiful exterior for your home. After all, that’s the half of your home that most people will see and appreciate -- and you should certainly give them something to REALLY appreciate!

And, yes, a fresh exterior coat of paint will prove to be just the thing to get your friends and neighbors to “ooh” and “ahh” at your home. But, of course, that’s not the ONLY benefit you’ll get to enjoy with an exterior coat of paint!

Indeed, as with an fresh interior coat of paint, an exterior coat of paint can provide some great health benefits. The outside of your home is constantly exposed to the elements, and over time, these elements can help to foster mold growth -- something that can lead to serious illness after enough exposure!

A fresh exterior coat of paint, though, will negate this issue by both sealing in the harmful mold growths and preventing further growths from developing.

Your home should be something beautiful to look at, but more than that, your home should help to encourage great health -- not prevent it. And to ensure that your home helps to keep you as healthy as can be, don’t hesitate to get a fresh exterior coat of paint to make mold issues a non-issue!


Get Your Fresh Coat Of Paint Provided By An Experienced Pro

If you want to enjoy the most of the benefits that a fresh coat of paint can offer, then have yours provided by an experienced expert.

And with twenty years in the business, we at SEI Roofing have all the experience to promise you only the best fresh new coat of paint for your home to help you reap ALL of the benefits that one can offer!