roofer replacing roof shingles


Your roof is important. It keeps your head dry and your family safe during Nature’s commonplace tantrums.

Because your roof provides a vital service of keeping you and your loved ones safe and dry, you need to ensure that it remains in the best shape possible. This means having your roof repaired just as soon as it needs to be.

But just when DOES your roof need to be repaired? Yes, if it’s leaking or caving in, that’s probably a pretty good sign that you need to get your roof worked on. But there are other, less obvious signs indicating that your roof needs to be repaired.

Not sure what those signs are? Don’t worry about it. Just read on, and our quick, handy guide about some of the less obvious yet more common signs to let you know when you need to repair your roof!

Shingles Look Worn

If you have an asphalt shingle roof, then you’re in luck because shingles can communicate roof wear and issues like nothing else can. For one thing, if your shingles are cracked, curling, or just plain MISSING, then they are about at the end of their lifespan, and you need to get them replaced.

For another thing, if your shingles appear to be dark or saturated with moisture, they could be loosening or, again, just wearing out. In this instance, your shingles would not be doing their job of protecting your roof from water damage, and you’d need to get them replaced ASAP.

Exterior Paint Is Blistering

While we’re on the subject of water, let’s focus on something that water damage can greatly impact: paint. Indeed, if you notice that your exterior paint is blistering or bubbling or otherwise looking as though it’s decaying from the inside out, then you could be dealing with some water infiltration related to roof damage.

This damage can begin to manifest if your roof is not properly ventilated. This poor ventilation will allow hot, humid air into your attic, and this unwelcome air will make itself known via your home’s exterior paint job. As soon as you notice blistering and peeling on your home’s exterior paint job, you need to call your Dallas roofer for a repair!

Energy Bills Just Go Up And Up And Up

Every homeowner likes to save money, especially on those unavoidable monthly expenses. And the most unavoidable (and among the largest!) of those expenses is your heating and cooling. And if your roof is having issues, then good luck trying to keep that expense down at ALL.

After all, if your roof is having issues, it won’t be able to retain your heated or conditioned air in efficiently. So, if your energy bills seem to be getting higher and higher no matter what you’re doing to keep them down, you might be in need of a roof repair.

Get Your Roof Repairs Handled By An Experienced Roofer

If your roof is showing any signs of damage -- obvious or subtle -- then you need to have that damage repaired by an experienced and reliable roofing expert.

And we at SEI Roofing are just the expert for you! With 20 years of experience, we at SEI Roofing have all the expertise and know-how to provide you with only the best roofing repairs around to help keep your roof standing strong for many years to come!