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You know what they say about Parker, Texas weather… just wait a minute and it will change! This is true for just about any city located near the DFW metroplex as well as other areas of Texas.

While it may be a fun and true saying, it’s not so great for our roofs here in the Parker area. With all that temperature changing the surfaces of our roof go through a lot just during one day with expanding and contracting. That alone can cause roof shingle damages, but on top of that we have storms that pop up at a minutes notice which give us high winds, hail, heavy rains, occasional tornadoes and full-blown storms.

It’s no wonder we’ve done so many roof repairs and replacements over the last 20 years! But everything considered, our Parker Roofing Contractor has gained a lot of experience that’s useful for our customers. If you have roof problems and you live in Parker, just give our Roofing Contractor a call and we’ll help you out with quality repairs, quick roof replacements, expert inspections, and upfront estimates!

Roof Replacements in Parker

Have you ever had to have your roof torn off and replaced? If so, you know it takes a while and possibly could take more than a day. Sometimes, you get a roofing company with just a couple of roofers working which means there’s days worth of hammering going on overhead that will drive you simply nuts! At SEI Roofing, our roofing pros are experts in the field and make quick order of replacing your roof structures. Just give our Parker Roof Replacements a call and we’ll handle the rest!

Parker Roof Inspection

Parker Roof Inspections give you a complete detailed report of the condition of your roof. This information is useful for the roof owner in a number of ways. First, it’s good for filing insurance claims. Second, it’s valuable information that tells the owner exactly what to expect of the roof and what repairs need to be made, if any. And third, it helps to provide an accurate estimate on the cost of the repairs or replacement.

Roof Repairs in Parker

When you need roof repairs, we’re here for you at SEI Roofing. Whether you’ve just lost a few shingles or your entire roof needs replacing, our roofing contractors can handle all your roofing needs. Shingles have a limited time of usefulness and will eventually degrade enough to need replacing. Every day, the normal weather patterns here in Parker work to breakdown your roofing materials, and even though your roof lasts for years it does need attention and repairs.

Problems like cracked shingles, pitted shingles, loose shingles, and shingles with exposed nails can lead to worse problems if the shingles aren’t replaced. Even just a small amount of water getting past the shingle layer is bad news for the underlying materials. Let us help you get your roof repaired and sealed against moisture again and your roof will once again protect your home’s structure.

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