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Roof Inspection


The best way to ensure your roof is up to the task of protecting you, your family, and possessions is to invest in a Professional Roof Inspection. The professionals at SEI Roofing will identify:

  • Missing or loose shingles.
  • Discolored or dark patches.
  • Shingle buckling, blistering, or curling.
  • Evidence of wind or hail damage.
  • Damaged or corroded flashings.
  • Deterioration to chimney brick or siding.
  • Damage/obstructions to ventilation components.
  • Approximate remaining lifespan of roof.
  • Condition of rain gutters.


Estimate for Repair or Replacement

Our professional recommendations are based on what’s best for you and your home, not what will make us the most money. That means if your roof is in satisfactory condition and has a remaining lifespan, we’ll tell you!

If, however, your roof needs improvements, our professionals will take the necessary measurements and information to provide a thorough quote. Typically, our estimates for roof replacement will be for a similar style/quality roof as is currently on your home. However, we will let you know what your additional options are, including:


  • Impact-Resistant Shingles that reduce hail damage risk and may lower your homeowner’s insurance premiums.
  • Increased Wind Resistance options.
  • Pipe flashing options for aesthetic and performance benefits.
  • Ventilation upgrade options which can help reduce heating/cooling expenses and lower moisture/mildew risk.


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