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    Painting and Staining DallasPainting your home can add value, protect it from the elements, and increase curb appeal. With the wild extremes of weather North Texas can experience, don’t be surprised if your home’s paint is “stressed out.” Instead, call SEI Roofing for a consultation.

    Aside from changing the look completely this can also act as a protective barrier. Let it to go too long before being redone and you could compromise the integrity of your walls, flooring and other aspects of your house. Plus this is the perfect opportunity to take care of things like mold removal which can also pose a threat to your home.


    Staining and Painting Experts

    There are plenty of reasons our crew here at SEI Roofing stands out from the competition when it comes to painting services in Dallas. We go above and beyond when it comes to the services we offer and the level of expertise with which we execute these tasks. Our number one goal is always your satisfaction.

    So whether you need the exterior of your home painted, a room changed up or your deck stained – we have got you covered. We look forward to getting the chance to help improve this for you. Give us a call today at 972-416-0844.


    Painting Contractor in Dallas

    Nothing can transform the look and feel of your home quite like a paint job. This is true for both the interior and exterior of a house. Even if you are simply freshening up the same color of paint it will make the house look fresh and new.

    We want to be the team you trust in for this. So for all of your Dallas area painting services, call


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    If you are looking for a professional painting consultation, please call 972-416-0844 or complete our online request form. We’re located in Carrollton, but we service Fort Worth, Denton, Arlington, Dallas, and surrounding areas.

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