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Roof Tear-Off


A roof replacement starts with the full removal of the previous roof. SEI Roofing will never install an asphalt roof over an existing roof. However, we may not completely remove the existing underlayment depending on type and the method it was installed. This is because it will not affect quality of installation and its removal would significantly increase cost.

Typically, a truck/dumpster is backed up right against the building. Protective covering is used on parts of the house or landscaping as needed. The roofers will deposit removed roofing material directly into the truck/dumpster.


When the existing roof is torn off, it will expose the roof decking. Indications of decking damage may be present before the tear-off (such as a “soft” feeling or visible damage from attic), but all damage is identifiable when the deck is exposed. Any damage will need to be corrected before installing new roof.

Deck repairs cost extra. Since such repairs cannot be seen when estimating, the materials and labor for the repairs will need to be added to the customer’s estimate. A full re-decking is extremely rare. Most often it is just a few areas that need decking replaced, but it is imperative that it is done before proceeding or the quality of the roof install can be compromised.





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