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Roof inspections are the start of any job. To be able to offer a customer an estimate for a repair or estimate, we need to know the scope of work. Typically, an inspection is included in the process of acquiring work. Occasionally, a consumer may request only an inspection. In this case, SEI Roofing charges the customer and performs the following inspection:

  1. A description of roof system and approximate age.
  2. Is roof nailed or stapled?
  3. Are there nail pops?
  4. Are there exposed nail heads?
  5. Was moisture present at time of inspection?
  6. Are there any water leaks?
  7. Are there missing, loose, or split shingles?
  8. Are there discolored or dark patches?
  9. Are there any damaged or corroded flashings?
  10. Are any shingles buckled, blistered, or curling?
  11. Is there previous hail damage?
  12. Is there previous wind damage?
  13. Are any trees currently touching roof?
  14. Are there any areas of siding/fascia that small animals may use to enter attic?
  15. Are the valleys in good condition?
  16. Is the chimney brick or siding? What is the condition?
  17. Additional inspection notes.


To determine the a roof’s slope and pitch:
Measuring Roof Slope and Pitch – InterNACHI




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