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Ice & Water Protection


Certain areas of a roof are more vulnerable to leaking due to wind-driven rains, water flow areas, and ice/snow buildup. In particular, the areas of concern are valleys and roof penetrations, such as pipe vents and chimney flashings. These areas need additional moisture protection. Ice & water shield is self-adhesive barrier material that is installed in these areas.

Some roofers will install “valley metal” for the additional protection. If the insurance adjuster calls for valley metal, SEI Roofing will use it instead of the self-adhesive material. Metal is more costly and more difficult to work with.

While some roofers may not install an ice & water barrier, SEI Roofing always does. Most, if not all, roof shingle manufacturers either suggest or require a barrier to be installed to validate their warranty.


Below are the product guides from CertainTeed and GAF. The video below demonstrates the ice & water install procedure.


CertainTeed Ice & Water Brochure: Certainteed Ice & Water Product

GAF Information: GAF Ice & Water Product





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