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No part of your home is as important as its roofing. Your roofing is responsible for protecting many parts of your home, from your siding to your foundation, so keeping your roof in great shape is a major part of keeping your home in the best condition possible. If your roofing is damaged in any way, it leaves many other parts of your home vulnerable to more damage, including your siding and your foundation. At SEI Roofing, our professionals strive to provide the highest quality roofing and exterior services possible at every job that we perform.

Our Roofing Contractor are all licensed, trained, and extensively experienced, so we can always provide you with the highest quality workmanship possible. We’ll always do whatever it takes to make sure that your roof in kept in excellent shape at all times, and all of the work that we provide comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We understand how important your roofing is to your home, so we never take our work lightly.

Give our Dallas Roofing Contractors a call today to schedule your appointment, or to ask any questions you have about our services, and we’ll be looking forward to assisting you.

Roofing Inspections in Dallas

Keeping your roof in great shape is extremely important, but homeowners often don’t know when their roofs need to be repaired. Even if your roofing suffers a seemingly small amount of damage, it can cause huge problems for your Dallas home, and the problems will quickly grow and spread. However, man homeowners won’t recognize these problems until they turn into major issues, which is why our professionals recommend that you have a roofing inspection performed at least once every three years.

During a roofing inspection, we’ll look for some common problems that often go unnoticed, like moisture damage, slouching, mold and mildew growth, and missing or damaged shingles. These problems are easy to overlook, but they can take a significant toll on your home over time. We’ll find and eliminate them before they create the need for major repairs.

Dallas Roofing Replacements

Replacing your roofing is one of the most important and intensive jobs that you can have done on your Dallas home, so you need that you can trust your roofing contractor with every aspect of the job. Our professionals will be able to guarantee that your roofing replacement is perfect for your home. We’ll work with you to decide on the perfect roofing materials for your home, then we’ll assess your roofing and your home’s framework before removing your roofing and installing each layer of your new room.


What Dallas Homeowners Are Saying About Us

is Rated: 5 / 5
based on these 5 happy customer reviews.

“We highly recommend SEI Roofing; this company did an excellent job on replacing our roof, gutters and also painted our fence. We are truly satisfied with the work performed. They handled the insurance claims, which was very convenient for us. Furthermore, the job was completed in a timely matter and there was no trash left behind. For future repairs we would use SEI again.”

| Rated: 5/5

“I called SEI roofing to have several whirley birds repaired due to hail damage. I first called another company who tried to charge me an exorbitant fee and wanted to upsell me into an insurance claim and to repair my entire roof. Mark came out from SEI, quoted me a more than fair price on the repair (half of what the other company tried to charge) and completed the work on time. He said basically my roof has a couple years left and that he didn’t plan on making money off the repair if I gave him first chance to redo the roof. In a couple years SEI will absolutely get my business for being ethical and fair in dealing with them.”

| Rated: 5/5

“Thank you so much for this information. And let me just say something here… your boss is very fortunate. Every time I have called you, you have been super heads up! And very professional! Every single interaction I have had with your company has been extremely positive. Thank you for that! Fantastic customer service doesn’t come that easily these days and you guys have it in spades. I don’t have Marc’s contact information so could you please forward this to him? I really want him to know that you are doing a terrific job for him- though I imagine he knows it already! 🙂 I also appreciated that he was super heads up and easy to work with too. Yay SEI Roofing! Hopefully we won’t have another roof leak anytime soon, but if we do I know who to call and who I’m going to refer to friends. Thank you so so much.”

| Rated: 5/5

“I just wanted to take some time to write you a referral letter for any future customers you might come in contact with. The work that you did over at my house this past week was phenomenal. The crew you sent was extremely courteous to my wife. They all worked tirelessly for the entire two days and did not leave my home until it was looking like they have never even arrived. I have heard horror stories about people who have had their roof done and have encountered nails which have caused flat tires on their vehicles. I have yet to find one nail around the entire perimeter of my home. Today in business everyone makes sure to tell you everything that you have done wrong, but very few people take the time to tell you what you and your crew did right. I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of the roofing process at my home. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to use me as a referral I will be happy to oblige. The level of professionalism from each and everyone of your employees was greatly appreciated. I would recommend SEI Roofing to anyone who is in need of a new roof for the home. Thank you and your crew again for all their hard work. They made this process painless. If and when I ever need another roof on any of my homes, you have my word that I will contact you.”

| Rated: 5/5

“Shane came out promptly and provided a very detailed estimate, and went over all of the work that would need to be done for our repair. He even showed me pictures from the roof so I could see what was needed. Our work was scheduled very quickly after accepting the bid. I can’t say enough about how professional everyone has been, from the bid to the work itself and all the way through to cleanup. Without reservation I would be happy to recommend SEI to others.”

| Rated: 5/5


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