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Handling Your Roof Insurance Claim

roof insurance claims

Call Your Insurance Agent Immediately

Be sure to indicate if the roof is leaking. Your agent will authorize you to make emergency repairs to prevent further damage. Wait for an adjuster to inspect the roof before making any permanent repairs. Keep receipts for all repairs. Take pictures of damages to exterior furniture, light fixtures, and anything else before disposing of it. The insurance company will typically ask you for proof of repair for insurance compensation. It is a good idea to save all your pictures and keep a list of all damaged items on file.

An Adjuster Will Be Assigned To Handle Your Roof Insurance Claim

If you have Replacement Cost Coverage on your home, your claim will be paid based on full replacement cost of the roof and any other damages you have incurred, less the amount of your deductible. A depreciation amount (25-50%) will be withheld until the work has been completed and an invoice has been submitted for final payment. Often, the insurance draft will be made payable to both the homeowner and mortgage company for their endorsement. Do not endorse the check/draft until after the mortgage company has signed and returned it to you. It is common for the mortgage company to ask for an affidavit signed by the homeowner and contractor stating that the work has been completed and labor/materials have been paid.

Select The Roofing Contractor That You Trust!

You have the privilege of choosing the roofing company that you want to perform the work. It is your home , and it is your decision. Often, a discrepancy in the roof measurements or in the actual calculation for remuneration of the work to be performed is the reason for the difference in price. Your contractor will assume the burden of settling any differences in the roof insurance claim. You do not have to go with the lowest bid. A CHEAP ROOF IS NO BARGAIN! Your insurance company will not pay to re-do a “botched” job even if the company was recommended by the agent or adjuster. Choose the roofing company you feel most comfortable with to handle your claim and repair/replace the roof!

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Why SEI Roofing?

  • EXPERTISE: We have over 20 years of experience in roofing. Our roofers have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to working with the insurance company on weather damage claims.
  • NO DOWN PAYMENT: Feel comfortable from the beginning!
  • LANDSCAPE-FRIENDLY: We strive to make sure your property is in the same condition as the day we start!
  • INSURED: SEI Roofing carries $2,000,000 General Liability policy for your protection!

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