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Your Trusted And Experienced DFW Roofing Professionals

A roof: It’s something no household can do without. It keeps the rain out of your house and the heat and A/C in it. For these reasons, you need to keep your roof in the best shape you possibly can.

And if you live in or around Dallas, then the way to keep your residence in just that kind of shape is by calling on SEI Roofing!

Since 1997, our Dallas roofers have provided residential (and some commercial) roofing work within Dallas and the surrounding areas. That experience combined with our many certifications --

  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • Member of RSI
  • GAF Master Elite
  • Featured in Home Magazine

-- makes our Dallas roofing company a top contender when it comes time for you to call on an experienced Dallas roofing expert!

And just what kinds of services can you expect to enjoy with our Dallas roofing company? Why, quite a few, actually!

dallas roofer


Being a Dallas roofing company, we at SEI Roofing, of COURSE, offer some top-quality roofing services. Indeed, no matter your roofing needs, you can count on our roofers to meet them.

For one thing, we provide quality roofing repairs to get your roof back into the best shape possible after sustaining wear or damage. For another, we also offer full-blown roof REPLACEMENTS for those times when your roof is beyond repair.

And whether you get an old roof repaired or a new one put in its place, you’re going to need to ensure that that roof continues to stand strong for many years to come. And to do that, be sure to call on our Dallas roofers for annual roofing inspections!

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dallas gutters


Your roof is made up of many components that all work together to keep your roof (and, by extension, your entire house) running in tip-top shape.

And one of the most important components that make up your roof is your gutters. After all, your gutters allow rainwater to flow away from your property, helping to prevent foundational damage such as cracks that water exposure can cause.

If your gutters are experiencing any damage that is preventing them from effectively keeping damaging water from washing down to the base of your residence, then call our Dallas roofing experts for outstanding gutter work that’ll get those gutters up and running like new once more!

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dallas painting


Nothing makes an old house look new quite like a fresh coat of paint can.

Of course, there are a number of other great benefits that a fresh coat of paint can provide for your home and you. Luckily, our Dallas roofers not only ROOFING experts but also PAINTING experts. And with our experience and know-how, we can help you enjoy ALL of the great benefits that a fresh coating of paint can provide!

Just what are those benefits?

To name the BIG benefit, an exterior coat of paint is likewise good for your health. After all, through the years and with its constant exposure to the elements, your property can inevitably develop mold and mildew growths. And if you breathe in this mold and mildew, you could begin to experience some significant health problems.

But if you get the exterior half of your house painted, you’ll rid yourself of those harmful growths while also helping to prevent new growths from developing. So, just like with an interior painting, an exterior painting will both make your residence look beautiful and help keep you in the best health possible!

On top of these health benefits, you’ll find that a fresh exterior coat of paint will increase your property value while aso increasing its curb appeal -- a definite benefit when it comes time to put your home on the market!

Don’t let your home look anything less than beautiful, and CERTAINLY don’t compromise your health. Instead, call on our professional Dallas painters for a quality exterior painting that will keep your property shimmering and help maintain your health for many years to come!

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dallas fencing


Good fences make good neighbors, as Robert Frost wrote. But they also make for valuable and beautiful homes.

And to enjoy the best fence to help you enjoy the most valuable and the most beautiful home possible, you need to have your fencing handled by an experienced pro. And with two DECADES in the business, our Dallas roofers will prove to be just the experts for you!

No matter what kind of fencing you are in the market for -- aluminum, PVC, wood, wrought iron, etc. -- our Dallas roofers have all the know-how and resources to provide you and your house with the best fencing possible.

Don’t settle for less than a good fence -- or even a GREAT one! Get the best fencing for you and your property!

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dallas interior painting

Interior Painting

A new interior coat of paint can offer many great benefits. The most obvious one is that you’ll get to enjoy the most beautiful residence possible, as nothing brings out your property's beauty quite like a fresh coat of paint!

But perhaps the most compelling benefit that comes with a fresh interior coat of paint has to do with the quality of your indoor air. Over the years, dirt and debris collect on your walls, infusing your home’s air with particulates that, breathed in over time, can affect the quality of your health -- leading to respiratory issues and all else.

With a new interior coat of paint, however, all of that buildup will be sealed away, and new buildup will be prevented with the sleek, clean new wall surface. Thus, an  interior coat of paint will increase the quality of your home’s indoor air and help to improve your health!

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful house and the best quality of health possible, then don’t hesitate to call on our painting pros for a top-notch fresh interior painting!

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dallas siding


If you own a house, then you’ll want it to look as beautiful as it possibly can, right? Of course right. And in that endeavor, you can’t go wrong with quality siding. Bright, sturdy, and always aesthetically pleasing, siding will make any property absolutely POP with beauty!

Of course, beauty is not the ONLY quality that you’ll enjoy with new siding. Indeed, you’ll also enjoy the best protection against water damage possible, as siding is impervious to water! Water is one of the MOST damaging things that can affect your residence, so you need to do whatever you can to keep water from working its way in and causing wood rot and mold growth.

One of the OTHER most damaging things that can affect your house is termites. Those nasty, hungry buggers can clandestinely worm (er, termite?) their ways into your property, turning its tasty wooden insides into a buffet. And before you know it, you could wake up to severe and COSTLY structural damages!

With quality siding, though, you can avoid these damages and their inevitable (and high!) costs. If you are in the market for just about the best siding work out there, then don’t hesitate to call on our siding pros!

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Why Choose Us?

You should choose our Dallas roofers because we have the experience to promise you only the best work around -- whether that work be for your roof, your gutters, your siding, or a variety of other components that make up your property!

Roofers’ Success International Member

But don’t let our experience be enough to convince you of the quality of our work. Let our honors do some of the speaking as well! And our membership in Roofers’ Success International should speak VOLUMES about the quality of our roofing work.

Local DFW Business Since 1997

As a local in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your roofing work. And having provided quality roofing work in the Dallas Fort Worth area since 1997, we at SEI Roofing have the experience to promise only the best Dallas roofing work around!

$2 Million Liability Coverage

With our Dallas Roofers, you don’t have to worry about any potential financial losses. With our $2 million-dollar liability coverage, should ANY unforseen issues affect the work we do, your residence and you are covered.

Over 20 Years In The Industry

Still, when it comes to businesses, longevity MIGHT indicate SOME kind of quality. And having been in business in the Dallas Fort Worth area for twenty YEARS now, our Dallas roofers can pretty definitely demonstrate the quality of our work.

Excellent References From 100% Satisfied Clients

But don’t let us toot our own horns -- we have enough glowing references from satisfied clients to help do the tooting for us! If our experience, liability, and certifications aren’t enough to give you absolute confidence in us, then perhaps your fellow customers will be!

Service Excellence & Integrity

How have we remained in business as long as we have and garnered the glowing references that we have? Easy: by providing only the most excellent service and the highest quality of integrity. If you are in the market for a roofing expert who puts only the most care into every work they do, then you can’t go wrong with our Dallas roofing company!

What Our Clients Are Saying:

SEI Roofing came through for us after a difficult prior situation with another contractor. We are so thankful for everything Marc and Stephen did for us. The roof is gorgeous and we can sleep at night knowing there won't be any leaks. Thank you SEI for your help and dedication to your craft. We will definitely call you for any future projects!
- Pamela R.
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SEI Roofing is EXCELLENT! They came out and tore my existing shingles off and had them all replaced in approximately 7 hours. Very fast, very good work and a pleasure to do business with. I couldn't recommend them more highly.
- Dusty J.
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